This season, the FRC game is called "Aerial Assist." Two alliances of three teams each compete to score a 2-foot diameter ball into goals both on the floor and 6 feet off the ground. The arena is split up evenly into three zones. Teams in each alliance are rewarded for passing the ball to one another through these zones. With just 2 minutes and 30 seconds to each match, this is going to be a thrilling competition!

During Kickoff Weekend, we decided we would try to design a robot that could shoot the ball in a high goal and over the area's truss. We desgined Incendio, a catapult robot to shoot the ball with racket-like arms to pick up the ball and load it on the catapult.

In order to be an effective team, Team 811 is split into a number of subteams. Students in these groups become subject matter experts and contribute as a whole to the team by using their special skills.


The Mechanical subteam creates the "body" of the robot. They create numerous designs, or prototypes, of the robot. They then test these prototypes and use what works and try to fix what doesn’t to create the final design. Mechanical members can be found in the pits during competition to help fix damage incurred during matches.


The Wiring subteam creates the "guts" of the robot. They work around the dimensions given to them by mech to electrically wire the robot and bring it to life. Wiring members are crucial in the pits during competition to make sure the robot can function.


The Programming subteam creates the "brains" of the robot. In order for the robot to work efficiently, our programmers work together with Wiring and Mechanical to determine how the controls need to make the robot work. Programming is also responsible for programming the robots actions the be executed during the autonomous period of the match.

God Squad

The GOD (Governance, Ordinance, and Drivers) Squad subteam is responsible for developing the robot’s strategy by using their knowledge of the game as well as outside sources; identifying and working with the drivers to train them to perfect their techniques; and identifying and training human players. At competitions, they are leading scouting efforts and participate in robocoaching during matches.


The Marketing subteam works on the team image. Each season, they choose a new image that works with the team. They then use that image to create the t-shirts, buttons, and decorating the pit. They are the ones at competition spreading team spirit and focused on promoting the team brand.

3D Animation

Our 3D unit receives a new challenge every season. The challenges ask you to create a short 3D film that falls under the category that is given. In order to make the film, they make everything separately and then piece together the animations to make a short film. The group communally works on the projects, usually tackling small ones themselves, and the bigger projects in groups.

To encourage communication and collaboration between subteams, Team 811 started using SCRUM. Using SCRUM, every meeting begins with a short status update from all the subteam leaders. Additionally, a master SCRUM board was created and used to help subteams keep track of the tasks they needed to complete throughout the build season and to track the progress of those tasks.

3D Printing

This year, our 3D Printing team invented a board system that was used to create our robot, Incendio. This board system allows all hardware to be quickly detached without tools, yet remaining as firmly connected as bolts. This board is modular and flexible enough to allow for different configurations and reassembly depending on the robots needs. Also, This system includes a wire cover system allowing for easy multilevel routing of wires across the board, locking down wire quick disconnects, and wire protection. For outsourcing, the board also has options for routing wires through the board, reaching downward.

For more information on the board system including files, pictures and documentation, visit the entire project on GrabCad.